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Activities for Teachers

  • Classes based on C M C Ratio about education for the staff in all our schools are given.

  • Seminars are given for all teaching staffs to attain excellence. Many other awareness programmes and retreats are conducting for the teachers.

  • All teachers attended in the Total Quality Management Awareness Programme.

  • An assessment using a special rating scale is conducting in all the schools.

  • There are provincial and local animation teams for the well being of our institutions.


Activities for students

  • Besides curricular and co-curricular activities seminars and classes for the students of all our institutions on subjects such as sex education, morals etc. are giving in each year.

  • There are chances to participate in Janamaithri programme and Public Health Programme.

  • Awareness programmes are giving to be Eco- friendly. ( encourages cultivation of Medicinal plants and vegetables, gardening etc.)

  • Provides chances to participate in Holy Mass and other Sacraments in proper way and make situations for the study of the Word of God, spiritual reading, and encourages rosary devotion.

  • Smart classes are well equipped in all schools.


Monetary helps and other programmes

  • Free boarding facilities to 72 students.

  • Financial helps to poor students.

  • Fee concession to the 3rd child of a family.

  • Free education to the 4th child who is in our institutions.

  • Free Uniform and Free study materials to poor children.

  • Gives loans and scholarships.

  • Learning devices such as Laptop, mobile phone etc. distributed to poor students especially during Lockdown.

  • Counselling facilities are available in all the schools to children and parents.

  • Counselling to the police Constables who got practice in Stella Maris Computer academy.

  • There is a special team for school inspection. They assure the standard of teaching and learning, discipline, spiritual life etc.

  • There is fee concession to the 10% students of Stella Maris parrallel College.

  • Celebration of Chavara Week and Euphrasia week.

  • Conducting pilgrimage for children, parents and teachers.

  • Chavara Fest is a grant programme for all the students of all schools,including Government schools, of Idukki diocese together with CMI Congregation. Books and leaflets are made available to all schools.

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